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Recently Listed in Crosby

Address Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
3510 Kennings Rd, Crosby, TX, 77532Single Family$374,9003/22,1961
1410 W Stroker Rd, Crosby, TX, 77532Single Family$150,0003/22,1651
1907 Foley Rd, Crosby, TX, 77532Single Family$199,0003/21,7581
435 VANE WAY, Crosby, TX, 77532Single Family$113,0003/21,3941
503 Savory Ln, Crosby, TX, 77532Single Family$159,0004/21,8382
1025 Clara Wilson Rd, Crosby, TX, 77532Single Family$125,0003/11,0081
710 S Diamondhead Blv, Crosby, TX, 77532Single Family$82,5003/32,5161
16439 Bohemian Hall Rd, Crosby, TX, 77532Single Family$349,5003/22,5371
17611 PORT 'O CALL, CROSBY, TX, 77532Single Family$163,9904/21,7052
1735 CLOISTER DR, CROSBY, TX, 77532Single Family$220,7904/22,2991
1834 HALYARD DR, CROSBY, TX, 77532Single Family$201,9903/21,8292
17015 MORNING STAR, CROSBY, TX, 77532Single Family$162,9904/21,7442
15950 DUNES DR, CROSBY, TX, 77532Single Family$201,9904/22,0861
16007 BOLLARD DR, CROSBY, TX, 77532Single Family$239,9904/22,6602
16331 Rudder Dr, Crosby, TX, 77532Single Family$133,0003/21,8791
15802 N Chamfer Ct, Crosby, TX, 77532Single Family$116,5004/22,3362
15919 Golf Club Dr #205, Crosby, TX, 77532Townhouse / Condo$70,0003/21,4881
214 Crosby Village Dr, Crosby, TX, 77532Single Family$165,0003/22,2901
423 N Compass Rose Cir, Crosby, TX, 77532Single Family$143,9003/21,6661
20106 Nightbird Trl, Crosby, TX, 77532Single Family$120,0003/21,6321

Recently Sold Listings in Crosby

Address Sold Date Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
19203 RAMSEY, CROSBY, TX, 7753204/17/2015Single Family$250,001 - $285,0004/22,8481
1202 Martingale Ct, Crosby, TX, 7753204/15/2015Single Family$140,001 - $160,0003/22,0551
2007 Challenger Ct, Crosby, TX, 7753204/15/2015Single Family$120,001 - $140,0003/21,6251
17423 Typhoon Way, Crosby, TX, 7753204/10/2015Single Family$105,001 - $120,0003/21,7101
611 AWEIGH DR, Crosby, TX, 7753204/10/2015Single Family$105,001 - $120,0003/21,4971
18931 Deer Trace Dr, Crosby, TX, 7753204/10/2015Single Family$215,001 - $250,0004/32,3252
1615 Sahara Dr, Crosby, TX, 7753204/08/2015Single Family$160,001 - $185,0004/22,2412
20815 Apache Trl, Crosby, TX, 7753204/06/2015Single Family$370,001 - $420,0003/23,1322
16622 River Wood Court, Crosby, TX, 7753204/06/2015Single Family$160,001 - $185,0003/21,5531
402 Red Oak Ave, Crosby, TX, 7753204/06/2015Single Family$10,001 - $20,0003/19801
1623 Chart Dr, Crosby, TX, 7753203/30/2015Single Family$325,001 - $370,0004/43,7002
406 Crosby Village Dr, Crosby, TX, 7753203/30/2015Single Family$105,001 - $120,0003/21,1491
5511 AVENUE D, CROSBY, TX, 7753203/30/2015Single Family$120,001 - $140,0003/31,9461
3518 SHORE SHADOWS DR, CROSBY, TX, 7753203/29/2015Single Family$140,001 - $160,0004/22,3741
1510 TOURNAMENT CT, CROSBY, TX, 7753203/27/2015Single Family$215,001 - $250,0004/22,6602
807 Handspike Way, Crosby, TX, 7753203/27/2015Single Family$140,001 - $160,0004/22,0851
20427 New Moon Tr, Crosby, TX, 7753203/25/2015Single Family$185,001 - $215,0002/22,7982
16626 River Wood Ct, Crosby, TX, 7753203/25/2015Single Family$185,001 - $215,0004/32,3662
122 S Diamondhead Blvd, Crosby, TX, 7753203/23/2015Single Family$160,001 - $185,0004/22,4792
718 S Diamondhead Blv, Crosby, TX, 7753203/23/2015Single Family$185,001 - $215,0005/33,4352

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Golf Courses in Crosby

Name Address
Indian Shores Golf Course 2141 White Feather Trl
Newport Golf Club 16401 Country Club Dr

Schools in Crosby

Find Crosby schools and other information about the educational environment in Crosby. View ratings on Crosby schools and get the academic performance for each school in Crosby.
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Middle School in Crosby
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